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Main Services

Our Library

The National Police Academy library is a specialized resource center providing essential materials, training guides, case studies, and law enforcement research.

Teaching Staff

The teaching staff at the National Police Academy are experienced professionals, specializing in law enforcement, tactical training, leadership development, and forensic science. We have a mix of internal and external lecturers, bringing a diverse range of expertise and real-world experience to our programs.

The Students

Students at the National Police Academy undergo intense training in policing techniques, ethical conduct, leadership skills, and effective community relations.


The National Police Academy's key initiatives include advanced law enforcement training, community engagement programs, leadership development, and modern crime prevention techniques.

Connect with us

National Police Academy, Divulapitiya Road, Thimbirigaskatuwa , Negombo, Sri Lanaka.
Phone – (+94) 31 2222201,
Fax - (+94) 31 2226777,
E-mail -

Photo Album

The National Police Academy's photo album showcases training sessions, community events, graduation ceremonies, and other key moments, highlighting the academy's vibrant activities.

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